SRCs function under the jurisdiction of RCs. It performs following works:

  1. Supporting RCs through providing filed level information for smooth functioning programs.
  2. Supervising SCs in relation to conducing tutorials.
  3. To implement of all academic program of BOU as per BOU rules.
  4. To publish advertisement for admission in daily newspaper & distribution of study materials to Study Centers (SCs) of BOU.
  5. To select and to manage of Study Centers as per BOU rules.
  6. To ensure the facilities of Study Centers.
  7. Proposal for appointment of Course Wise Tutors of Study Centers for Tutorial Services.
  8. Proposal for appointment of Study Centers Coordinator.
  9. Take necessary action to select exam center and to maintain the exam activities under BOU rules & regulations.
  10. To arrange Training Session, workshop and meetings.
  11. To Workshop awareness regarding public relations activities.
  12. To ensure, Library, Audio, Video, Radio & Television facilities.
  13. To arrange counseling and guidance for the learner.
  14. To involve the learners for BOU’s academic programs
  15. To take Initiative to improve the co-curricular activities.
  16. To select, organizing and manage of Examination Centers.
  17. To distribute results and necessary academic papers.
  18. Communicate with head of educational institution, local Government, NGO.
  19. To Coordinate & liaison with Regional Centers (RCs), Schools, Divisions and other offices.
  20. Financial management and preservation of official records and documents.
  21. To prepare and submit the yearly report of Student Support Services (SSS) Division to the authority.
  22. To Collect students information & preserve the all kinds of academic rewards.
  23. Others responsibilities which is impose by BOU authority.