Sl Name of the Schools Formal Academic Programs Non-Formal Programs
Program Name Code
1. School of Education Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D) Environmental Education (with SST)
Master of Philosophy(M.Phil) Maternity and Child Care (with SST)
Master of Education (MEd) 02  
Bachelor of Education (BEd) 59  
Certificate in Education (CEd) 01

School of Social Science, Humanities and Language (SSHL)

Master of Arts (MA)- Bangla Language & Literature 66 
Master of Arts (MA)- History 63  
Master of Arts (MA)- Philosophy 64  
Master of Social Science (MSS)- Political Science 61  
Master of Social Science (MSS)- Sociology 62  
Bachelor of Arts (3-Years Pass Course) 23
Bachelor of Social Science (3-Years Pass Course) 23   
Bachelor of Arts (Honors)- History 25   
Bachelor of Arts (Honors)- Philosophy 27  
Bachelor of Arts (Honors)- Islamic Studies 28  
Bachelor of Social Science (Honors)-Political Science 26  
Bachelor of Social Science (Honors)- Sociology 24  
Bachelor of Law (LLB-Honors) 81 
Bachelor of English Language Teaching (BELT) 22
Certificate in Arabic Language Proficiency (CALP) 21
Certificate in English Language Proficiency (CELP) 20
Certificate in Chinese Language Proficiency (CPCL) 60   
3. Open School Master of Business Administration (MBA: Bangla Medium) 13  Basic Science
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA: Bangla Medium) 16 Mathematics
Master in Criminology and Criminal Justice  19  
Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) 11  
Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)- Niche-1  14  
Secondary School Certificate (SSC) 10  
Secondary School Certificate (SSC)- Niche-2  15   
Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) 12

School of Business

Certificate in Management (CIM) 30 Bank Service
Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) 31 Marketing Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (PGDHRM)  35 Disaster Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Finance (PGDPF)  37  
Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management (PGDSCM)  36  
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 32
Master of Business Administration (MBA) 33
Commonwealth Executive Master of Business Administration 71
Commonwealth Executive Master of Public Administration 71
Professional Master of Business Administration (PMBA)  34  
Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D)  99  
Master of Philosophy(M.Phil)  98
5. School of Agriculture & Rural Development (SARD) Bachelor of Agricultural Education (B. Ag. Ed) 40 Seed Production Technology
Diploma in Youth in Development Work (DYDW) 43 Production of field Crops
Certificate in Livestock & Poultry (CLP) 42 Horticulture
Certificate in Pisciculture & Fish Processing (CPFP) 41 Plant Protection
Master in Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Livelihood (MSARL)  46  Nursery Management
Master of Science in Agronomy (MSAGN)  45 Afforestation
Master of Science in Entomology (MSENT)  47 Livestock and Poultry Management
Master of Science in Irrigation and Water Management (MSIWM)  48 Aquaculture and Fisheries Management
Master of Science in Aquaculture (MSAQ)  49 Agricultural Machineries and Irrigation Practice
Master of Science in Soil Science (MSSS)  83 Agro Processing
Master of Science in Poultry Science (MSPS)  82 Food and Nutrition
    Natural Resource Management
    Rural Development
6. School of Science and Technology (SST) B.Sc in Computer Science & Engineering (4-Years Honors)  52 Health and Nutrition
Diploma in Computer Science and Application Program (DCSA)  50 Population Studies
Master of Public Health (MPH)
Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Ultrasound (PGDMU)  57  
B.Sc (Honors) in Food Science and Nutrition(BFSN)  56  
Master of Disability Management & Rehabilitation (MDMR)  54