Program: Bachelor of Madrasha Education (B.MEd)

The program is specially designed for Madrasha teachers. The main objective of this program is to develop theoretical, Conceptual and practical knowledge, understanding and skill of the Madrasah teachers in pedagogy as well as in subject teaching conducting an efficient teacher education program.

SL Program Heading Program Details
1 Level Degree (Bachelor)
2 Total number of semesters 02
3 Semester duration 6 months
4 Duration of each Tutorial Session Theoretical (60 minutes), Teaching Practice (90 minutes)
5 Credit hour 62
6 Duration 1 Year
7 Maximum duration 5 Years
8 Admission Time October-December
9 Application fees for admission Tk. 600
10 Course Fees (First Semester) Tk. 7900.00
11 Course Fees (Second Semester) Tk. 7182.00
12 Re-exam fees (Per course) Tk. 120.00

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