Program:Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA), Bangla Medium

BBA(Bangla) program is focused on business studies and trains learners to develop intellectual and interpersonal skills. The in-depth knowledge of business and administration-related fields gives these learners a different and insightful perspective. This degree supplicates broad knowledge of business and specialist knowledge of a particular area of business. The course is suitable for learners looking to specialize in management, accounting, finance, or marketing. The BBA program is based on the idea that a general education involving exposure to the liberal arts and sciences is essential for a business career and an individual's overall development.

The business part of the BBA program underlines two main objectives for its learners: first, on graduation, to prepare for meaningful responsibility immediately, and second, to build a foundation for a business career. The four-year BBA program gives a core and conceptual idea of business studies. Learners pursuing the new BBA course can successfully handle any managerial-level position. The program focuses on developing learners' required attitudes, abilities, and practical skills, which constitute a foundation for their growth into competent business managers.

The open school is committed to the development of people to compete and win regionally and internationally. The Open School emphasizes the quality essential for realizing our vision of executive development that will meet the needs of the global business community, now and in the future. As such, Open School is continuously examining new and emerging trends to improve our capabilities.

Duration of the program : 4 years and 8 semesters.

Objectives of BBA Program : The overall objective of this program is to develop the students’ intellectual capacity, executive personality, and managerial skills in a way that enables them to assume entry-level managerial positions in business and industry, public sector organizations, consultancy companies and other organizations.

Admission requirement : Applications will be invited once in an academic year from the office of the Dean, Open School, Bangladesh Open University (BOU), to enroll learners into the BBA program through open competition. Learners who have passed their SSC or equivalent exam and HSC or equivalent exam are only eligible to apply for this program. However, if an applicant has taken the O-Level examination, he/she must have passed at least 5 (five) subjects (including mathematics). In the case of the A-Level examination, an applicant must have passed at least 3 (three) subjects. D grade is not acceptable in O-level or A-level.

Total Minimum credit requirement to complete the program : 120.

Total class weeks in a semester : 16 classes

Minimum CGPA requirements for graduation : CGPA 2.5

Maximum academic years of completion : Maximum 6 academic years. The University authority can extend the duration for special cases considering the individual learner

Category of courses : : (a) General education course: 8 courses. (b) Core course: 26 courses. (c)Elective course: 0 course. (d)Capstone course/Internship/Thesis: 1 course. (e) Major course: 5 courses.

Academic session : The academic year of the Program shall start from January/ July of each calendar year and shall end in December/ June. Each academic year shall be divided into two semesters

SL Program Heading Program Details
1 Level Graduate
2 Total number of semesters 08 (Eight)
3 Semester duration 6 months
5 Credit hour 120
6 Duration 4 Years
7 Maximum duration 6 Years
8 Application Form(admission fees) TK. 1000.00
9 Course Registration Fee (per course) TK. 1500.00
10 Semester Registration Fee (per semester) TK. 2000.00
11 Semester Calendar Fee TK. 100.00
12 Semester-wise Mark sheet Fee TK. 500.00
13 Examination Fee(Per Semester) TK. 500.00
14 ID Card TK. 200.00
15 Minimum requirement for admission H. S. C or equivalent certificate.

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